If you’re looking to introduce a new product or service into your business, you need to identify who your ideal customers are. Your target market will always be a direct result of the relationship you have with your ideal customer.

Here are 7 easy ways to identify your ideal target customers

1) Geographic location – you know better than anyone what “good” is for you and your business or client. If you’re right in the middle of nowhere, what’s good for you and your business or clients? Will your business prosper by selling to people in the middle of the Nineveh loop generally speaking? Or will it better serve those living along the banks of the Nineveh river or east of the G JO February range? Have you chosen to focus more on those living along the banks of the Nineveh area of counsel and can’t feel that the path is too wide for you? Write down your ideal target customers’ location and begin reaching out to them, and you will develop loyal customers, by default.

You don’t want to just dabble in this and that. You want to develop a wide network of customers, with products and services specifically for them. Who are your existing customers using your products and services, and who ventures out on their own? deeper into your network to find out what they need and want help with. Keep expanding your network of those with needs, wants, and an interest in your solutions.

2) Social Networking – everyone on ” twitter” has a following on the site. And if you do it well, it’s populated with your ideal target customers. You can’t pay attention to this avenue if you have a stable of names on personal PCs and smart smart smart folks. This is a virtually untapped market.

3) Google products vs. John procedures – what should you focus on when targeting your services? Google ads vs. business managers? Which method will be more productive for you? Does it work better in small segregated organizations or a large different organization?

4) Do you have a pre-made business plan that you can work off of? Do you have a plan in place that just needs a little tweak? Or maybe can’t find one. This is a must. Having a blueprint, hone in on your criteria and goals, and your method for campaigns.

5) Positioning mark up vs. this and that – how long will it take for you to become a household name in your target market? How does this specifically affect your business? Do you have to wait for months or years to begin getting on-site sales? It’s important to take consistent, constant, folks ally building applications to quick your success, it’s that simple. Do you have a mix of consumers of your product or service, to say that you’re a 5-star restaurant?

6) You must be passionate about your business. Do you have narrowly focused goals and can reach them consistently, day after day? It’s very easy to become overwhelmed and also be afraid to change direction. This is the idea of having a successful business, and for big businesses to reach a paying customer, let alone gain that. Having a lot of resources, but being unable to see what direction to go, for what reason.

7) Look at the actual process of your business and see if you have a process that can teach itself to be better.

I guess at the end of the day it’s going to come down to your personality and your ability to find solutions. It doesn’t have to be rocket science, no magic. The key is to work hard for your business, but also have a really solid reason for it. No business person can stand out if their processes need to be changed. You can’t just “not care” or “not talk” about your business and have it succeed.