When entrepreneurs first consider using a temporary job agency, they think of them as a great way to make arrangements for an unexpected “overnight” job. For those of us that have been on the job hunt at one time or another, I know that as a recruiter, I’m sure there are a couple of things that come to mind when I hear about an unexpected job.

For one, if you’re not making arrangements to be interviewed, you’ll be taken by surprise if a company calls on you at just the right time! You can’t get a second chance to make a good impression. However, the one thing that some level of organization will enable companies is typical to call times and pressure to kindly handle the next alarm or just talking over the wall. By then, you need to attend the call. A temporary work agency can be a great source of candidates. Let’s face it if a company needs help, “it’s just around the corner at UP-casters” and trucks.

The first step to do

One of the first steps a recruiter needs to take is determining the website of a temporary work agency. A better way to do this would be to contact the agency to learn more about the specific job they do. If a recruiter calls a company for a job and sees nothing of interest, the company should call the recruiter back so that the recruiter can further investigate the specific requirements of the job. I would suggest that for either an entry or executive level, these recruiters can now identify candidates that have a little more experience. There are fewer of them working to fill out every open position, and with this being said, more candidates are being sought out. It’s a simple step to improve the chances of landing the perfect job that you’re looking for.

Many of us who have been on the job market for years have seen how the agency has identified candidates that are well-matched with a specific open position. For my part, the biggest challenge I’ve seen my colleagues struggle with is finding a company that will properly screen candidates to determine if they are “right” for a position. If a recruiter asks a candidate to exactly match a basic set of job requirements, many of the candidates might not give a great answer. I know that some are usually stretched during the placement process, and multiple individuals can view the same resume. This is why the first interview is told to the recruiter is “feedback” because it seems odd to take a chance on a person after having just worked with them for just a couple of days.

Benefits of temporary work agencies

There are several benefits a recruiter can reap by working with a temporary work agency. As a recruiter myself, I’ve seen first hand the power and impact that just one great placement can have on a company’s bottom line and just how easy it is to capitalize on these employees. Working as a temporary agency recruiter, I’ve made a fantastic deal with the company I currently work for – no matter what industry they are in, I will find the right candidate for them. No doubt hiring a temporary agency when you do a lot of recruiting can turn into a stressful overdrive – as I did with a client this week. However, the worth of one great placement is what it is worth!